Red Willow Center for Health and Healing
Missoula MT


Red Wilow Center Practitioner:
Michelle Voigt 406-240-1750

Hypnosis is an important tool that can help anyone achieve a happy, healthy, successful, self-aware, lifestyle.  Hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven to aid the individual in achieving their goals by eliminating old unhealthy behaviors and replacing them with healthy new ones.  With hypnotherapy, you expand your self-awareness and overcome the programming of your past.  Problems and negative behavior patterns can be explored through the subconscious to bring about healing of emotional hurts and trauma through release and resolve.  It is a simple process that has been proven to have profound results in achieving ones goals.  I offer private or group sessions to address emotional issues, phobias, weight loss and to promote healthy lifestyle changes. 

HypnoBirthing- The Mongan Method, is a gentle birthing method that promotes natural childbirth.  Its unique approach to relaxation, breathing practices and visualization is enhanced through self hypnosis and provides the woman with the awareness and confidence to use her natural birthing instincts.  The knowledge of how to give birth naturally lies within each and every woman.  HypnoBirthing is dedicated to helping her find her own power to labor comfortably, safely, and to give birth joyfully. It is family centered; encouraging the birthing mom to work with her companion through gentle and loving support.  The concept is simple- it teaches you how to use your mind to help relax your body.  When the mind and body are relaxed, fear is eliminated.  Without fear there is no tension in the muscles, the muscles are allowed to work as intended in the absence of tension, and a comfortable and calm birth can be experienced without drug intervention.  The techniques are presented in a series of five, 2 1/2 hour classes that focus on pregnancy and childbirth as well as pre-birth parenting and the consciousness of the pre-born baby.  I offer the course either through private sessions or in a group setting.

Fertility hypnosis focuses on all aspects surrounding fertility, through the support of hypnosis.  Fertility hypnosis is more than relaxation and goal focusing.  It's an individualized program tailored to work alongside natural conception, assisted conception and special circumstances that surround an individual's fertility challenges.  Fertility can be seen as a complex issue.  Thousands of couples are told every day that their fertility challenges cannot be explained medically and that the only treatments available are expensive, with no guaranteed results.  This prognosis is grim and promotes stress in couples who are waiting for the true miracle of conception and birth.  Stress is just one of the major factors, along with negative and self-limiting beliefs, feelings and emotions that can contribute to fertility challenges.  Hypnosis provides you with tools to enable you to achieve inner balance while working with natural, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and other medically assisted fertility related processes.  I assist couples to address any negative feelings surrounding the pressures of fertility and work with them to release and resolve these issues.  Individual and couple sessions range from 60 to 90 minutes and may require up to 6 to 10 sessions to address their needs.