Integrative Health Services
The Red Willow Center for Health and Healing
Missoula MT

Patients have a choice in their health care, whether that is strictly traditional Western medicine or integrating other time-honored and/or contemporary models into their treatment plan.  This can occur when desiring preventative recommendations, or in times of illness and disharmony. It may not matter what diagnosis has been received, the quality of activities of daily living is important.    Each of us has a unique outlook and sensitivity towards the environment.  This holds true in that one treatment plan may work well for a person, and for another it is not at all conducive to healing.  For example, if one needs to exercise to improve health, Tai Chi may be most advantageous, while running may be best for the next person.  The use of homeopathics to treat a symptom may work for one, while acupuncture may work for another.  Being able to perceive these differences is essential to coordinating different modalities, creating a unified approach to wellbeing.  However, oftentimes, one searches in many different directions and seeks various types of practitioners in a quest to receive optimal care.  Fragmentation of healthcare choices can leave the client confused and more in the dark.

Integrative health is combing parts into a whole, or removing barriers that separate and segregate.  This takes the ability to look at the bigger picture, seeing the unique components of medical modalities in relation to an individual. Honoring our relationship to nature and the natural world, as well as recognizing that we are microcosms of the environment can help in this process.

Coordinating treatment methods takes collaborating with other practitioners to facilitate the client’s optimal sense of health and well-being.  The most important component is the client and what it is that they want. Taking the time and listening to the client’s “story” is essential in understanding the uniqueness each person has to offer.

At the Red Willow Center for Health and Healing the integration of health care is available through the expertise of our Family Nurse Practitioner who has over 25 years of experience in the traditional Western medical model and has studied many other complementary and alternative healing forms, including Ayurveda.  She is open to the client’s needs and is interested in each client’s story.  Offering choices in treatment modalities and coordinating those preferences with other practitioners is her main focus.

Red Willow Center Practitioner: Laura Marx 406-546-3043