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Swedish Massage offers long, flowing, rhythmic strokes, following the contours of the body. Using oil or lotion, the massage begins with light pressure which then increases to your comfort level, adding unique combinations of additional Swedish strokes of kneading, percussion, and friction to compliment your overall therapeutic massage experience. Swedish massage relives painful muscle tension, improves circulation, decreases stress, stimulates the immune and lymphatic systems, promotes relaxation and supports injury recovery. Swedish massage is relaxing and therapeutic, providing a sense of well-being and bringing balance to the body/mind complex.

Deep Tissue Massage is a technique designed to access the deepest layers of the muscles.  Often the process of sinking deep into a problem area takes patience and communication between the practioner and the body.  While there can be pain associated with working on deep hypertension and adhesions, it should result in better range of motion, increased flexibility and decreased pain over time. Keeping the body relaxed as well as steady breathing is key in order to experience the best results when receiving Deep Tissue Massage.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage™ (ATMAM) is non-invasive, external, massage technique. Using only hands, the massage guides internal, abdominal organs into their proper position for optimal health and well-being.  ATMAM improves organ function by releasing physical and emotional congestion from the abdomen. This technique eliminates the primary cause of reproductive and digestive complaints in men and women.  It also resolves congestion in the pelvis and abdomen, preventing the progression of symptoms to chronic disease.  The technique applies anatomy, physiology, herbology and naprapathy (study of the ligaments, joints and muscles), to address common complaints.  The massage helps to improve the flow of chi, lymph, circulatory fluids, improving arterial and venous blood flow into and out of the abdominal area for increased health. In addition, you will learn a self-care massage technique that you may use for your personal abdominal health for your entire life. More information is available at

Traditional Thai Massage is a 2500 year old massage technique, originating in Thailand with foundations in Chinese Medicine, Yogic Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine.  The massage is performed with the client fully clothed, in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, on a mat on the floor. The therapist uses rocking, rhythmic presses and stretches, to open the joints and move congestion out of the muscles and the meridians, optimizing the energetic flow of chi in the body. The massage is like receiving a rocking, rhythmic yoga stretching session, with your therapist doing most of the work. Your job is to breathe, relax and enjoy the benefits of this amazing oriental therapy.

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