Shelby Casebolt, LMT
Massage Therapy
Healing Center at Red Willow
Missoula MT

I want to encourage discernment in your journey to find the right practitioner.  As a massage therapist and a patient, I have experienced many kinds of bodywork.  It is invaluable to find someone whose scope of practice fits your needs.  Just as important, their methodology should support your personal health beliefs.  Ideally, a healing synergy is what I aim to accomplish in every session.

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 5 years and a Reiki Master for 4 years.  Massage is a very old folk medicine that has likely been a part of pain relief for all of human existence.  The most simplistic approach I can provide would be applying pressure to a stubbed toe or a bonk on the head as a reactionary response to combat pain.  There is a foundational, grounding essence to massage that gives it credibility. 

From the modern medicine perspective, I am trained in the following types of massage: 

- Swedish Massage
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Sports Massage
- Hot Stone Massage
- Aromatherapy
- Prenatal Massage

From the traditional Thai Medicine perspective, I am trained in:

- Foundational Thai Massage
- Traditional Fire Cupping
- Scraping
- Stretching with the use of scarves
- Hot Herbal Compresses

The Japanese energy technique called Reiki is not a massage technique.  It involves light touch and occcasionally some guided meditation.  I have taken all three levels of Reiki to be given the title of Reiki Master.

My practice is simultaneously propelled forward and built on the foundation of education, diversity, and collaboration.  To keep growing in my work, I lean heavily on professional continued education in and outside of my beloved Missoula community.  I want to work with a loaded tool box that can be utilized in every session.  This is why I do not offer explicit catergories of massage.  I want to pull from all learnings and use any technique when working.  To have these offerings at my disposal in tandem with the knowledge of all of the Red Willow practitioners and beyond is what inspires me to grow roots in my hometown and explore the very wide world of healing.

Please do not hesitate.  To discuss my work with you would be a pleasure either face-to-face or one device to another.

To connect with Shelby: 406-241-1490 or